A Homeopathic Family

This is a photo of a homeopathic kit that my grandparents used in India!

This kit travelled with them to Baluchistan, Shimla and various of the northern territories before they left around 1916.

You have to remember that homeopathy was one of the main forms of medicine in India then and still is even today. Back then most families would have had a kit like this. Then they could deal with illness when travelling or living miles from civilisation.

My Grandparents settled back in Pembrokeshire and my mother remembered homeopathy being used for her coughs, colds and other childhood illnesses whilst she grew up.

I had no idea that my mother and her 3 siblings were brought up on a mix of homeopathy and conventional medicine. This photo only appeared when I said I was going to train in homeopathy.

This heritage makes me feel homeopathy was waiting for me.