Fees for Online, Petersfield and Midhurst

First Appointment Adult £80.00
Follow-up Appointments Adult £55.00
First Appointment Children £55.00
Follow-up Appointments Children £40.00
Acute telephone consultation £25.00

Children are 14 yrs. old and under.

Cancellation charges with less than 48 hrs notice will be at the full appointment fee.

Skype/facetime/Zoom consultations are charged as above.


Families can benefit from a discount per appointment after their second visit.

Private Health Claims

If you have private health insurance then it is worth checking to see whether homeopathic fees are covered and what they require from me, your homeopath, as evidence of treatment. Some companies will also require a GP letter of referral.

Appointments via Face Time, Skype or phone during the Coronavirus lock down for new and existing patients

Coronavirus (COVID-19)