Homeopathy and seasonal rhythms.

I like to be in tune with the seasons and  rhythms of our natural environment. This is easier to observe if you live in the country or near the sea. Even in towns and cities seasons have an impact. Homeopathy uses seasonal rhythms in diagnosis.

It is interesting talking to patients about what affects their health. Quite often seasonal changes cause a worsening or improvement of their symptoms. Hay fever is a classic example.

Similarly the rhythm of the moon and tides can change how our bodies work. Patients are often feel worse at the full moon or equinox.

Seagulls, ploughs and sea.

This a picture I took a few weeks ago of local farmers preparing their fields to plant early potatoes. This crop  has a very short growing season and is harvested in late May or early June. Some farmers now use a lunar calendar for planting and harvesting. Produce is promoted using the lunar branding. The gravitational pull of the moon has an impact on everything.

Homeopathy looks for natural responses in patients to help chose the correct remedy for you. For me this awareness of our environment is a gauge of well being. Homeopathy and seasonal rhythms are interlinked.