“Rachel has been looking after our family in a very knowledgeable, homoeopathic holistic way for coming up to 15 years. As a consequence, we have all been able to build up a strong immune system which weathers any infection robustly. This has meant we have not needed to resort to antibiotics except for in very rare and specific circumstances and our two now grown-up children are looking after their physical and mental health and well-being in a responsible way. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough!”


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“Rachel has been my homeopath for over ten years and in this time she has supported me through both physical and emotional problems. She is extremely professional in her approach and very generous with her time, always responding quickly by consultation, phone, email or, as necessary throughout the Covid outbreak, by internet link. The quality of my life has been greatly enhanced by Rachel and I feel truly blessed to have her as my practitioner.”


“Rachel has been my Homeopath for the last eight years and has helped me through a variety of issues including support during some drastic and unexpected allopathic treatments. With a great knowledge of Homeopathy and an understanding of modern life and its stresses Rachel has offered remedies and common sense advice whether during face to face, email or Zoom consultations. I have always found Rachel available when needed and her response with advice and remedies has been prompt and efficient.”


“I have only been seeing Rachel for a few months but already feel a gentle improvement without any healing crisis or major setbacks. This brings more hope into my life for which I am very grateful. I feel lucky to of found Rachel and defiantly recommend her as a Homeopath.”