When I talk to my patients I ask them what they do for themselves, like hobbies, relaxation or exercise. Do they have a tool kit?

More often than not they say ” I don’t have time for any of that ” or ” I used to do something but somehow I don’t any more” or ” I keep meaning to start something”

If you want your health system to support your lifestyle you have to look after and nourish it. You need to work out what makes you feel better, lightens your load, takes you out of yourself, replenishes your spirit, fills your cup, keeps you healthy.

This is what I call your tool kit. This will be different for everyone. We often make the mistake of thinking what our friends are doing is going to work for us too. This is not always correct. It is good to experiment, but eventually what works for you will not necessarily be what works for someone else.

From each experience you will take something, some you will keep, some you will repeat, some you will abandon. That is fine.

I realize now looking back over 20 years that I have tried numerous hobbies, alternative therapies, forms of exercise and relaxation techniques. From each of these I have taken the bits I feel work for me and support me.

Now this is my tool kit and I keep adding to it. The difficult thing is to remember when to open it up and use it! Not when you are at the lowest ebb, you need to recognize when you need some help, or support and open your tool kit and take out what you need.

Here are a few things from my kit!

A homeopath, Buteyko breathing, Pilates, meditation, Bates Vision Education, cranial osteopathy, walking my dogs, music, cooking and more.