Walking With Homeopathy – Violets

The best way of “Walking With Homeopathy” on gusty days is down through a wooded valley towards Castlebeach. No castles sadly only an old lime kiln. This was for making quicklime used on farms and for buildings. Coal delivered by barges from the mines on the Cleddau Estuary, limestone from further along the coast, mixed in an agricultural alchemy.

Walking in these shady woods and along the hedgerows I notice that violets spreading here from March through to May. On still days you catch their perfume caught under the canopy, tantalising to pollinators. So this is the next flower for my homeopathic bouquet, let’s see what a homeopathic dose of Viola might be used for.

Viola Odorata; ear shaped this little flower can help with symptoms associated with our ears. For example patients might not like to hear music, complain of stitching and shooting pains in their ears, have a roaring tinnitus with inner ear itching. They may also be experiencing a deafness, otorrhea.

Their eyes hurt with the ear symptoms, feeling compressed with heavy eyelids. They think they see flames or a fiery edge to objects and may suffer from nearsightedness, myopia. Headaches are burning and they scowl due to pain above their eyebrows and in their frontal sinuses.

Rheumatic pains spread creeping up their legs and feet, or into their upper body with tingling and numbness. Rheumatism of the deltoid muscle is very specific.

They may have difficulty breathing, anxiety and palpitations with hysteria, a dry, short, spasmodic cough and dyspnea that can also occur during a pregnancy.

Viola is a bigger remedy than I expected with some quite particular symptoms, interesting!