What is homeopathic susceptibility?

So before Christmas I caught Omicron. As a practitioner it is always interesting to experience symptoms your own patients are be dealing with. This adds to my insight and knowledge. Reflecting on why I caught Omicron is good way of sharing with you the principles of homeopathic susceptibility.

In homeopathy we understand that “susceptibility” plays a large part in who does, or does not, contract contagious illnesses. You have probably heard of measles parties where parents took  their children along to play with a child who had measles in the hope they would catch it. This would allow them develop their own immunity. Some children got infected and others not.

So why not?

It all depends on the emotional and physical state of the individual. If they are run down or tired they are more susceptible, their resistance is low. If they are upset from a family, work or friendship incident, they are emotionally unstable. If they are going through a growth spurt or developmental phase they are using up energy that would otherwise be available for their protection. Or they might have inherited a natural resistance to this particular illness from their parents, or had a mild undetected form previously.

It is the same with any contagious disease whatever your age, some people will contract it and others will not depending on their level of susceptibility at the time of exposure.

I know I was very busy with work and family in the run up to Christmas, as were we all, mixing with lots of people who probably had, or where carrying, the virus. Added to that I had a lot of broken sleep so my resistance was low and my susceptibility high.

The Question of Susceptibility in Homeopathy



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